At JoJo Loves You,™ we are totally committed to providing jewelry of the highest quality. Unfortunately, it seems that some people like our products so much that they fake them, or make products which are so similar to our designs that they look like ours. These fakes and copycats aren't approved by us, not a little bit, not at all.

Counterfeiting is a criminal activity and can warrant legal action. Simple as that. Copycat products are just as bad. Our reputation for high quality is important to us and the unauthorized use of our brand to produce and sell counterfeit or copycat JoJo Loves You™ products or packaging is unacceptable. These products are often mistaken for the genuine article and are usually of inferior quality.

We will not tolerate those who deal in counterfeit or copycat JoJo Loves You™ products. Where appropriate, we will pursue all legal remedies that are available to us, including commencing legal proceedings where we think this is necessary, to prevent counterfeiting of JoJo Loves You™ products and misuse of our brand, design, and packaging.

Should you have any information regarding counterfeit JoJo Loves You™ products or the misuse of our brand or designs, we would love to hear from you.


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