Taurus by Birth, Loyal by Nature.
Birthdates: April 20- May 20

Earth Sign- the second zodiac on the celestial wheel

Need a friend? Taurus is there until the end!

- Confident

- Likeable

- Stubborn

- Driven

- Luxury Loving


“What’s Your Sign?”

Oh yeah, that’s one of our favorite questions to ask!

We Love people and we Love to dive in and get to know you! We’ve been dreaming about this collection for over 10 years and we’ve created our own signature version of the 12 Zodiac Signs for you to Rock! Obsessed with your sign too? Stack & Layer it! Want to celebrate the bright STARS in your life? Mix them in! Wear your secret signs proud and know that you’re one of a kind & you have the power to make all your dreams come true! Want to see your astrological sign decoded? Scan our QR Code to watch our magic come to life!


  • .925 sterling silver setting and post
  • 10mm diameter crystal
  • Manufactured and hand-set in our Rhode Island Studio
  • Nickel Free
  • Arrives packaged on our Pink Heart in our Signature Silver tin!

Please note that due to the specialty coating and variations in the crystals, the colors may be slightly different.

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